Sunday, October 14, 2007

the hazy party

Some people are so inconsiderate.
1) Burning of forest = inconsideration (one day the mother of all nature burn u back then u noe) 2) Burning forest when u noe thru experience that the wind will blow the smoke towards another country = inconsideration (i swear we're all gonna suffocate soon, unless u wanna crawl on the ground for the rest of the haze-days, in that case, good luck) ARGh, someone!! Do something!! my throat is itchy, my eyes are at its dryest, and i want to party!! ;) Which brings me to here ----> Since syahids, christine's and priscilla's bday all falls on august, they decided to celebrate it together . Partied/bbq-ed our way thru the haze last night. Okla.. minus the haze, it rained abit b4.. God was having a good day, he wanted us to live thru the party ;P I must say, im not a bbq fan, its all the cooking myself part. I don't like cooking. Except for marshmallow, that ill do..